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The NEW Ma•GEL• In is truly a versatile protein system designed to accomodate today’s researcher. This system will allow you to cast your own gels using the 10 cm x 10 cm glass plates and easy-to-use casting system, or if you prefer to use 8 cm x 10 cm precast gels, the Ma•GEL•In will accommodate those as well.
This versatility comes from the specially designed (patent pending) gel capture system that allows plates in a 10 cm x 10 cm format or cast-your-own glass plates in a 10 cm x 10 cm format.

Casting your oun gels: The #920000 comes with three sets of glass plates and a 2-place casting system for casting your own gels. The 2-place casting system #921000 has a very small footprint (10 cm x 15 cm), utilizing minimal space on the counter. The glass plates are held together using neoprene spacers.

Once assembled, the glass sandwich is placed in the casting system, and the lid is mounted to the top pf the casting system. The gel can now be cast through the opening in the lid. Once the gel has polymerezed, the glass sandwiches can be removed from the casting system, placed in the gel capture unit, and set into the buffer tank. Quick and simple!

Pre-Cast gels: Using the same gel capture unit, 8 cm x 10 cm precast polyacrylamide gels can be inserted, locked in place, and set into he buffer tank. The Ma•GEL•In will accommodate various brands of pre-cast gel. The #920000 is an allinclusive, easy-to-use, protein electrophoresis system designed for years of continuous use.

“Discover what Ma•GEL•In can do for you!”

The tank holds aminimumof 350ml of buffer. For longer runs, the tank can be filled to a maximm of 850 ml. A stir bar can be placed in the tank to recirculate the buffer to keep the ionic concentration constant.

The tank includes a patented vented lid to furtherreduce heat buildup during the gel run

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Part No Items Euros  
50500 Replacement power cords 89
92000 MA - GEL - IN fully equipped with casting base 762
92010 Inner Glass Plate, Set of 5 (Notched) 105
92020 Outer Glass Plate, Set of 5 64
92025 Set of 2 x 0,8mm spacers 6
92030 Combs 10 wells 0,8mm (x2) 118
92031 Combs 12 wells 0,8mm (x2) 118
92032 Combs 15 wells 0,8mm (x2) 118
92033 Prep Comb 1 sample 0,8mm (x2) 118
92040 Replacement tank without any accessories 85
92050 Replacement Gel Capture device 315
92060 Replacement Lid 96
92070 Replacement Gaskets, Casting system, 2 Each 11
92071 Replacement Thumb Screws, 2 Each 8
92072 Replacement Tank Connector Kit 44
92100 Gel Casting System 297

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